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Discover for yourself why the Sapphire Coast is NSW’s premier golfing destination. Play one of five 18 hole courses within 1 hours drive from Merimbula. Grab a Sapphire Coast Golf pass to enjoy all 5 courses for only $160.

is viagra for daily use safeThere is a great array of accommodation optionsThe Sapphire Coast is perfectly located on the South Coast of NSW (Australia), half way between Sydney and Melbourne less than 3 hours from Canberra. The climate is fine all year round for golf.

Both golfers and non golfers will enjoy a trip to the Sapphire Coast with plenty of shops, tours and attractions to keep you entertained. Non golfers can visit one of the many pristine beaches, hook a few fish or go whale watching (in season). And how ever you spend your day, you will be able to end it with some of the local fare and seafood at one of the many restaurants. Why not make a booking or inquiry now?



Australian Golf Digest - May 2009

" In tough economic times - and given the calibre of the courses on offer - this might be the best-value golf destination around"

Steve Keipert, Editor

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Is viagra for daily use safe
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" ... this might be the best-value golf destination around"

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Is viagra for daily use safe
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